Establishing a strong web presence that’s orderly and concise is critical for anyone who wants to make a positive impact in a digital environment.

To achieve this, I offer a WEBSITE WORKSHOP that streamlines planning, designing, and building an effective website.

The outcome of the Website Workshop is a showcase marketing asset that represents an organization well and encourages meaningful user interactions.

This is done through a complete system that addresses a website’s:


To be successful with their marketing efforts, business owners and managers first need to determine where they want to go, and then plan for what they need to do to get there.

So I kick off the Website Workshop with a Branding segment to establish a marketing foundation that will help guide the rest of the website design and development process.

In this segment of the workshop, we work through a 10-page “Branding Worksheet” that will address three important areas of branding: Strategy & Identity, the Style Guide, and the Logo.

Having these three areas covered will help define a clear tone and direction for the corresponding marketing content that will be responsible for communicating your message to your audience and helping to convert leads into customers or supporters.

Visit the Branding Page to learn more.


Once the organization’s mission, vision, is written down and the foundational visuals for the brand identity are created or recorded, we move on to crafting the website’s content.

Using solid information architecture principles, the Content portion of the Website Workshop provides a thorough analysis of your organization’s existing marketing content.

I will work with you to generate, proofread, edit, and curate the appropriate amount of user-centered content that’s easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to navigate by your target audience. At the end, you’ll have an updated strategy and detailed outline that can be used for both digital and traditional marketing outlets.

This outline will also help you with making decisions on how to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing assets (such as a website) and traditional marketing assets (such as a brochure).

During the Content segment of the Website Workshop, we will:

  • Review the organization’s mission and vision
  • Determine a course of action for your audience:
    • Where do you want them to go?
  • Specify calls-to-action:
    • What do you want your audience to do?
  • Analyze your asset’s user experience:
    • Can your audience understand what to do?
  • Craft an outline with concise copy that appeals to your target audience
  • Revise the outline based on your feedback

After the key objectives for the website have been identified and the major portions of the web content has been outlined, we can dive into the design portion of the website workshop.

Side note, any major revision to a website that’s already published (or in production) can be time consuming and sometimes difficult. There are usually several programming languages involved in creating and managing a website. Even a DIY or a drag and drop website platform often involves, at the very least, HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

As soon as coding is involved, making revisions becomes much more complex. So, during the Design segment of the Website Workshop, I will craft a digital mockup of your website so you can see what the final site will look like, make revisions, and ensure you are happy with the look and feel of the website before any coding takes place.

If any corrections or additions are needed, it’s much easier and quicker to make those changes to the mockup versus trying to incorporate changes on a live website.

During the Design segment of the Website Workshop, I will:

  • Craft a mockup up of the website
  • Review the flow and user experience of the website
  • Revise the design based on feedback

To make a positive impression on the web, good content and good design need to be woven together using good code.

In the Development segment of the Website Workshop, I merge all the material we drafted in the Content segment with the mockup we created during the Design segment. Then I bring my knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), performance, security, and WordPress to help you build a reliable, responsive, maintainable website.

During the Development portion of the Website Workshop, I will:

  • Select and install a WordPress theme appropriate for your organization
  • Customize theme elements to match your branding (colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Create content areas based on the website mockup
  • Integrate all the content from the content outline
  • Import and format supporting images, graphics, and/or videos
  • Unify existing blog articles (layout, styling, etc.) and update for improved SEO
  • Fine tune the website for mobile device responsiveness
  • Review the completed website
  • Revise the website based on your feedback
  • Launch the website
  • Connect the website to Google Analytics and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Train on how to do basic maintenance of the website and make simple changes


In the eyes of those who browse the internet, a professional, quality website equals a professional, quality brand. The opposite of that, though, is also true: a poorly constructed website equals a poorly developed brand.

A website has the potential to be much more than an online billboard or repository. In addition to providing well-organized, accessible information about an organization, a website can help connect your brand with both current customers and potential customers in very powerful ways.

So have a plan, and build wisely.

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