AFN TV and Radio Products

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Products From OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) – 1 of 4

Solider Skater in Salerno (Video)

Solider Skater in Salerno (Radio)

Knocking Out Deployment (Video)

Knocking Out Deployment (Radio)

ADT – Small Contributor (Video)

ADT – Small Contributor (Radio)

Products From OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) – 3 of 4

Products From OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) – 1 of 4

Apache Maintenance (Video)

MOS Roundup (Video)

Service with Style (Video)

Products From OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) – 1 of 1

Musician Adjusts to Iraq (Video)

1 AD HEAT (Video)

1 AD CQM (Video)

1 AD Pre-Deployment BBQ (Video)

Products From AFN Hessen (Germany) – 1 of 4

Elvis in Germany (Video)

Xmas Market Destinations (Video)

Students take on Kurhaus (Video)

Bone Marrow Drive Spot (Video)

Briarra’s Story (Video)

Citizenship (Video)

Products From AFN Hessen (Germany) – 2 of 4

Army Bday Celebration (Video)

123rd Fun Day (Video)

Rock Climber (Video)

MASCAL Training (Video)

MOUT Training (Video)

Box Car Derby Remix (Video)

Products From AFN Hessen (Germany) – 3 of 4

Slovakia 1 – Selfless Service (Video)

Slovakia 2 – Military Kids Serve (Video)

Slovakia 3 – Malachi Supports Kids (Video)

1 AD Band Story – 1 of 3 (Video)

1 AD Band Story – 2 of 3 (Video)

1 AD Band Story – 3 of 3 (Video)

Products From AFN Hessen (Germany) – 4 of 4

MP Artist (Video)

Thanksgiving (Video)

Body Building Championship (Video)

Puddle of Mudd Concert (Video)


  • US Army


  • Video TV Packages
  • Radio Packages


  • 1 – 2 minutes Video TV and Radio News Packages produced for AFN (American Forces Network)


  • Panasonic Video Camera
  • Avid Editing Software