Why hire a digital content writer?

Well… because you need words. Specifically, you need the right words. You probably already know that dumping a series of random words and phrases into a word processor is insufficient.

Written content must also be arranged to attract and motivate its intended audience.

This is where a writing expert is invaluable.

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Because writing is tough!

Many famous and prolific writers have complained about how difficult writing is. If you ever attempted to craft marketing copy, you likely experienced the frustration of being unable to get the words exactly right. You’re not alone. Writing is hard for practically everyone.

But it still needs to be done. And right NOW.

Precise writing is even harder to do when there is an approaching deadline and a strict budget. However, projects with deadlines and budgets are areas where copywriters excel.

This is especially true of a freelance content writer who is often an eclectic mix of artist and entrepreneur.

Freelance copywriters not only produce text that achieves results, they regularly deliver those results within the most rigid boundaries required by their clients.

(These are typically business owners or individuals who need to achieve maximum results with limited resources.)

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So let’s get started.

There’s no time like the present. However, my objective is not to generate a bunch of content that serves no purpose. I genuinely want you to succeed.

To do that, the text and content I help you create must achieve whatever objective you set. This is critical for making our arrangement work well. So I have a well-developed process to ensure we reach this mutually beneficial goal.

This process has been refined from over 15 years of working with 50+ retainer and single project clients ranging from funeral and burial businesses to forensic handwriting experts and cancer advocacy organizations.

Would you like to collaborate on a project?